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tv   Today  NBC  May 11, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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kids on the road. >> we'll be back in a half hour. we'll see you for the nbc bay area news at 11:00. be safe on the road. see you soon. good morning. it is done. first words from former fbi chief james comey on his firing a late night farewell letter to his staff telling them not to dwell interest. democrats aren't about to drop it. >> it may well produce impeachment proceedings although we're very far from that possibility. >> this morning reaction from sand and trump's controversial confidant roger stone. mother of all storms. a nor'easter headed up the coast with 53 million people in its path. heavy rain and flooding on the way just in time for mother's day and al is tracking it all. >> chilly reception. >> at her grave site. i am moved --
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>> education secretary betsy devos gets booed at a historic black college. what was behind the anger and how the school is defending its choice to let her speak. >> and espn tragedy. wife of sports casting legends chris berman killed in a deadly car accident along with another driver and this morning the tributes are pouring in. >> it's important to all of us on this show to make our love to chris and his family known. >> investigators are trying to determine what caused that crash today, thursday, may 11th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody, welcome to "today" on a busy thu thursday morning. >> when we say mother of all storms we're saying mother's day. >> not storm of the century.
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>> a clever line. >> i saw what you did there. >> people don't go running for cover. don't stockpile stuff quite yet. this morning we're covering politics. we're hearing from president trump and james comey as the fallout over this firing gross. president trump doubling down defending the timing of his decision to dismiss the former fbi director. we'll talk to the deputy secretary in a moment. first our team has it covered starting with peter alexander at the whitehouse. >> reporter: a new poll from quinnipiac university shows president trump's job approval rating sliding to near record negative levels. 36% of americans approve of the job he's doing. 58% as you saw disapprove. all this comes as the fired fbi debtor james comey in a new letter to those at the agency he led until basically 36 hours ago say he's not going to dwell on
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the handling of his abrupt departure and they shouldn't either. this morning oust fbi director james comey seen outside his home wednesday is breaking his silence. writing in a letter to former colleague, i have long believed a president can fire an fbi director for any reason or for no reason at all, adding i'm not going to spend time on a decision or the way it was executed. i hope you won't either. it was done and i'll be fine although i'll miss you and the mission deeply. president trump for first time offering his own explanation on comey's ouster while sitting down with richard nixon secretary of state, henry kissinger. >> why did you fire james comey? >> he was not doing a good job. >> reporter: the "new york times" reporting mr. trump fumed when comey dismissed the president's wiretapping claim. >> i have no information that supports those tweets. >> reporter: the "times" reported comey was flabbergasted after president trump accused
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president obama wiretapping him. he believed the president was outside the realm of normal even crazy. the white house said the president was inclined to remove comey after watching his testimony last week and then meeting with rod rosenstein and attorney general jeff sessions on monday. expressing his concerns that comey should be fired. a white house spokeswoman said the president's deliberations date back months. >> i think it's been an erosion of confidence. >> reporter: sarah huckabee sanders insisting comey faced opposition within his own ranks. >> the rank-and-file of the fbi had lost confidence in their director. >> reporter: but current and former agents dispute that. >> people like what the boss is doing and people don't like what the boss is doing. overall i think james comey had the support of thing rank-and-file. >> reporter: even how white house staffers were kept in the dark about the decision to dismiss comey. many staffers including some top
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aides learned comey's fate from cable news. some of them frustrated not by what the president did, but how he handled it. little more behind-the-scenes, senior white house official telling nbc news there was no under alternatival meeting, no strategy session before comey's firing was abruptly announced. next day on wednesday led by reince priebus, comey news was glanced over leaving officials here to complain that it should have been handled more elow conseque -- elegantly. this morning both democrats and some republicans are voicing concerns about how james comey's firing may affect the russia investigation. the outrage palpable on capitol hill where the new acting fbi director will appear before a congressional committee a little later today. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker is
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there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there could be more fireworks here on capitol hill today, james comey was initially scheduled to testify but now the acting fbi director andrew mccabe will appear in his place. the subject is worldwide threats but he'll get some questions about comey's ouster all this as the former national security adviser to the president is back in the spotlight. this morning more fallout for president trump on capitol hill. the senate intelligence committee issuing a subpoena to michael flynn requesting documents related to the russian probe. flynn has been one scrutiny for potential ties to russia. the republican chair of that committee richard behr also critical. >> the timing and reasons for this decision make little sense to me. >> reporter: the senator joining
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a growing chorus of those disputing the ouster. this morning other gop lawmakers are speaking out. >> i think a lot of us are still puzzled as to the timing. >> reporter: republican congressional leaders standing by the president. >> the president saw an fbi director where people lost confidence in him from both parties including high senior officials at the justice department and he acted. >> reporter: democrats pouncing. >> is this a constitutional crisis? >> i see it as a crisis about the rule of law. >> reporter: many democrats also calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into russian election meddling. some even threatening to block the president's pick for a new fbi director if it doesn't happen. overnight senator blumenthal suggesting president trump is playing fire with the sacking of comey. >> it may well produce impeachment proceedings although we're very far from that possibility. >> reporter: in a case of what
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could be bad timing, russia's foreign minister was in washington to meet with the secretary of state and president, facing tough questions from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> does the comey firing cast a shadow over your talks, gentlemen? >> you're kidding. >> reporter: in russia president vladimir putin after taking part in a celebrity hockey game was asked by cbs how comey's firing will affect u.s.-russian relations? there will be no effect he says. we have nothing to do with that. president trump is acting in accordance with his competence and law and constitution. as for flynn sources here on capitol hill say that subpoena of his documents was necessary because he wasn't complying with requests by the senate intelligence committee unless he was offered immunity. that same committee has asked james comey to testify in a closed door session next tuesday. no word on whether he'll accept.
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another big part of the story what's happening inside the fbi now that director comey is gone and what is next for that agency and this russia investigation. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: there's a strong believe that james comey was fired as fbi director because he wouldn't shut down the investigation into whether the trump campaign had anything to do with russia's hacking attack on the presidential election. president trump derided the investigation saying in a tweet on monday saying when will this taxpayer funded charade end? congressional sources say far from ending it comey told them that he asked the justice department to provide more resources for the investigation in a meeting last week with rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general who ended up writing that memo supporting comey's firing. justice department official says that meeting never happened and no request was made. as for rosenstein some officials say he was not happy with the way his role in the firing was
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initially portrayed and he threatened to resign if it wasn't made clear he was asked to write the peoplo used to justify the firing. for now james comey isn't saying anything further but it wouldn't be surprising if he soon provides his own verse of what led to the firing. savannah, matt? >> pete williams, thank you. sarah huckabee sanders is deputy white house press secretary and is joining us now. sarah, good morning to you. >> good morning, great to be with you this morning. >> good to be with you. let's clear one thing up right here and now, is it still the position of the white house and the president that james comey's firing had absolutely nothing to do with russia and his investigation into possible collusion? >> absolutely. look, savannah, it's real simple, any investigation that was taking place on monday is still taking place today. that doesn't change because director comey isn't there. so this absolutely has nothing to do with any investigation into russia. >> do you understand why some people are frankly suspicious? i mean, the president tweeted on tuesday that this was a taxpayer
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funded charade and a hoax, and he fires the fbi director the very same day. it also is reported that it happened just as congress said comey was asking for more resources for the russia investigation. subpoenas were being issued. do you understand why people are thinking, hey, there is smoke here, there must be fire? >> again, anything that was taking place hasn't changed. look, i think that director comey had become a greater liability, if anything, i think the american people should have more confidence that they don't have somebody who is caught in this crossfire, who is part of this conversation, and you have an independent individual like the deputy attorney general who has been appointed by both obama and president trump. this is somebody who sets the gold standard within the legal system. i think he is a perfect example of what you would be looking for as terms of an independent person to come in and be the helm of this investigation. >> let me follow-up on that. "the washington post" has a story that says deputy attorney
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general rod rosenstein threatened to quit, he's one of the guys who wrote the three-page memo outlining the shortcomings of james comey. he threatened to quit because he thought too much of the credit or blame depending on your perspecti perspective, to the firing of james comey, was being laid at his feet. did that happen? did he threaten to quit? >> i'm not aware of that conversation, but i do know the decision to fire director comey was the president's and the president's alone. obviously, he took their recommendation very seriously. but the president had been thinking about this since november, since he was elected president. this was something he had considered. he had never been solidly on board with keeping comey for the long term. and the erosion of confidence had been taking place over a long period of time. last wednesday's testimony was another, i think, example and catalyst that pushed the president to the point. he asked for their feedback, they gave that to him orally. and he asked them to put that
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recommendation, which was a very strong recommendation and very clear reasons why they also felt that the director should no longer be in that position. >> when the president wrote that short-term nation letter to director comey, i want to ask you about one paragraph where he said he appreciated comey telling him on three occasions that he wasn't under investigation. "the wall street journal" reporting that associates of comey say that never happened. they call it, literally farcical and said it would violate long-standing policies on criminal investigations. why did the president feel that it was necessary to include that paragraph in that letter? >> look, i'm not sure on the reasoning behind that exact part being in there, but i do know, i spoke to the president directly, and he said that those moments and conversations did take place. >> do you have any proof of those conversations? >> i mean, again, i spoke directly to the president, i think that's a pretty good
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source to go directly to. >> does the president have any proof of those conversations? >> you know, that's a question we'll have to ask him. >> really quickly, sarah, answer a question for me, if the president really believes that his campaign has nothing to hide, he certainly believes in his own innocence, why not just come right out and say, let that investigation go forward? throw resources at it. nobody wants to get to the bottom of this more than i do. instead, he continues to call it a hoax and a charade. why not just clear the air? >> i think we have. i mean, look, we've cooperated in every place we could. you've got the house committee looking into it where they say that they found nothing. you've got a senate committee that started looking into it and so far they have said they have found nothing. the fbi's been looking into it, they have said they found nothing. we have cooperated in every step of this process, but it's been going on for nearly a year. and throughout this entire time, everybody has come back with there is no evidence of collusion. at some point, we have to get to a place where we have
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cooperated, we have looked through it and nothing is there and it's time to move on. we want this thing to go to full completion. we are completely supportive of that. i don't think there's anybody that wants that more than this administration. let's complete this so we can focus on the things that i think most americans really care about. >> sarah huckabee sanders, good to have your time this morning, thank you. >> thank you so much. great to be here. >> and coming up in our next half hour, we'll talk to roger stone, one of the people who reportedly told president trump to fire james comey. and we will hear exclusively from president trump himself tonight when nbc's lester holt sits down with the president. this is his first interview since the firing. you can watch that exclusive interview tonight on nightly news. and we'll have a lot more of the interview tomorrow on "today." in the meantime, a florida college is depending its decision to invite controversial education secretary betsy devos as commencement speaker. devos was booed during her appearance at the historically
7:16 am
black school. >> i am honored to become a wildcat. >> some of the graduates at the university turned their backs on devos when she began to speak. she upset critics in february when she called historically black colleges pioneers of educational choice. she later acknowledged that they were created because other schools were not open to african-americans. the school's president defended inviting devos saying it does not benefit students when voices they disagree with are suppressed. we have an important update on this week's radiation scare at the nation's largest nuclear waste facility. energy secretary rick perry has ordered an investigation of a storage tunnel collapse at the hanford nuclear reservation in washington state. thousands of workers had to shelter in place on tuesday until officials determined no radiation had leaked. perry acknowledged that the federal government has failed over the years to deal with
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nuclear waste in a timely manner. and he said we can no longer kick the can down the road. anything better than a game seven in the playoffs? well, in the stanley cup playoffs, a pair of exciting game seven match-ups last night. and now there are just four teams remaining. >> it is turned back over and score! >> the defending champion pittsburgh penguins shut down the washington capitals 2-0. another disappointing finish for frustrated capitals fans. the penguins advance to the eastern conference finals against ottawa. here's the shot, scores! >> and the anaheim ducks ended their stream of game seven losses with a 2-1 victory over the edmonton oilers. anaheim will host the national predators. game one of the western conference finals friday night. you can enjoy a lot of stanley cup playoff action on nbcsn. love the cup. >> you can enjoy it during the
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mother of all storms. big nor'easter coming. that's right. just in time for mother's day in the northeast. however, other folks will see nice weather, but right now we are looking at a lot of folks along the eastern seaboard that aren't going to be affected by this. low pressure right now causing big showers. it's going to cause heavy thunderstorms through the plain states and into the midwest. but then, later on friday, it sets up along the northeast and midatlantic coast and moves offshore. rain and wind for the midatlantic states. saturday and sunday it moves up to the northeast. it's a slow mover, not only is it heavy rain but strong winds. look at the winds setting up as this low pressure intensifies. wind gusts of anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour from the delmarva peninsula to long island on saturday. sunday it moves into new england and the rainfall amounts, anywhere from one to three inches widespread from washington up to portland. but we could see four to five inches locally, which may cause some urban flooding. this salad?
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especially during the afternoon which may linger into early wednesday morning. latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, french fries delivered by a drone may not be all that farfetched. we'll tell you what all the buzz is about at the world's largest drone convention. and condolences are pouring in this morning for espn anchor chris berman after his wife is kill in a car accident. and this morning investigators are searching for the cause of that crash. but first, this is "today" on nbc. quin was crazy about curls.
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and, everyone gets kohl's cash! earn it on everything! spend it on anything! this thursday through sunday at kohl's. ==topvo== arson investigators are looking into two suspicious car fires overnight in the east bay - the latest in a strin a very good morning. it's 7:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. fire officials looking at the latest in a string of fires in contra costa county. the two fires happened in brentwood about a mile apart near summerwood park. firefighters say they were reported in about eight minutes of each other. so far, it's not clear if the fires were intentionally set and we don't know if there's a link with three other driveway car fires this week in martinez, walnut creek and lafayette. waking up to cooler temperatures, let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> it will be nice for the pikers heading out to work, cloudy, 54 degrees stepping out the door in the tri-valley, 52
7:27 am
in san francisco and cloudy at 51 degrees right now in the north bay with highs reaching up to 71 degrees and gusts up to 25 miles an hour. also breezy in san francisco with times of sunshine a slight chance of rain in the north bay and skies will stay mostly cloudy throughout the day. over the next several days, temperatures continue to come down a couple more degrees. let's head over to mike for an update on the roadways. volume holding steady except for the south bay where there is a build for san jose and we're looking at a shift. the commute moving in usual directions, maybe a little extra slow across the dunbarton bridge west 84. it's been a slower drive toward palo alto and menlo park for much of this morning. south bay good improvement, slow from capital but better than before. we're looking toward recovery. the bart stations are open for service, including the 12th street bart station in oakland where there was earlier police
7:28 am
activity. minor delays, back to you. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. ♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning, 11th of may, 2017. lots of smiling faces out on the plaza. we'll get out there in about a half hour and say hi to all those people. >> hoda is joining us with a look at the headlines this morning. fired fbi director james comey broke his silence and bid farewell to his staff in a letter released last night. comey said he won't dwell on the dismissal but the same cannot be said on capitol hill where the fallout is still growing. questions are swirling about the fate of the russia investigation that was formally spearheaded by mr. comey. the trump administration expected to expand an airport laptop ban to include some european countries in response to increasing security concerns,
7:31 am
electronic devices larger than a cell phone may have to be stored in luggage. dhs officials are hoping to make progress in a meeting with airline industry officials a little later today. and watch this unbelievable video out of china. a motorcyclist heads straight for a dump truck. the fiery crash instantly engulfing him in flames, but the motorcyclist and the truck driver have good news. good samaritans are to be thanked for his life as they rush to rescue him and rush him to safety. >> if you see that video, you wouldn't think somebody is rushed to safety. we begin this half hour with former trump campaign adviser and long-time confidant roger stone who found himself at the center of the firestorm over james comey's ousting. >> multiple reports say he actually advised the president to fire the fbi director. well, now stone is the subject of a new documentary on his life called "get me roger stone" that
7:32 am
chronicles his 30-year friendship with mr. trump. >> i was like a jockey looking for a horse. you can't win the race if you don't have the horse. i was working with the group to arrange a lunch. this is kind of the first time i saw the power of trump. the public interest in trump. >> roger stone is here along with the filmmaker, morgan pehme. good to see you both. not sure how the white house is going to like the horse jockey analo analogy, but we'll get to that in a little while. so you make the headlines again, so people in "the washington post," cnn, politico, new york times, said you were one of the people who strongly urged president trump to fire james comey. true or not true? >> i'm not the source of any of those stories. you won't see me quoted in any of those stories. >> did you urge president trump to fire james comey? >> i have always taken the position that conversations
7:33 am
between the president and i in terms of the scope and the content and frequency would remain private. i'm not going to contradict the president of the united states here. that said, my views on firing mr. comey are extremely well-known. >> but come on, roger, don't play fast and loose with me here, did you have a conversation when you said, by the way, this guy needs to go? >> i'm not going to characterize any conversation i've had with the president on this subject or any other. i do think he needed to go. i think the president did the right thing. i think he became unaccountable. >> just to button it up, fair to say, you're not denying that you recommended that he fire comey, you're not denying that. >> i'm a veteran memo writer as well, so no, i'm not. >> the second part of it, when was the last time you spoke to mr. trump? >> fairly recently but not yesterday. >> would you be surprised if a white house official said it had been months. >> that would be incorrect. >> and donald trump himself said it had been a long time. >> a long time, i'm not sure how you define that. look, i am a loyal supporter of
7:34 am
donald trump. i think he has the potential to be a transformational president. i'm not going to contradict him here on the "today" show. in the case of james comey, he made the right decision. >> you're elated by the firing of james comey, fair to say? >> that's fair to say. >> you tweeted this, what comey did to hillary clinton was disgrateful. i'm glad trump fired him over it. isn't that a bit disingenuous. >> sarcasm. >> you are the guy who said, lock her up. you praised julian assange for leaking the e-mails. >> sometimes you have to be a bit sarcastic to get attention. >> were you being sarcastic when you said i'm glad trump fired him over it. in other words, it was all about the e-mail investigation, nothing to do with russia here? >> well, the russian collusion scandal is a scandal without evidence to this day. there is still no evidence that would ever hold up in a u.s. court of law. >> the investigation isn't complete, correct? >> right. but i know what is in my e-mails and know what is in my text and know what the context of my
7:35 am
phone calls are. and i believe that i was under surveillance for some period. so there's a lot of things you'll find in there, roughly that you won't find any russians. >> do you in your heart of hearts believe that james comey was fired by this president because of the hillary clinton e-mail issue? or because of russia? >> that had nothing to do with russia. i think it had to do with the fact that the president no longer had confidence in him. he had become unaccountable, investigating some crimes he thought were important, ignoring others. i think it was time for a clean break. >> something else you said, somewhere dick nixon is smiling, eluding to the saturday night massacre. you know that the firing of archibald cox set in series a motion that led to the downfall of richard nixon. are you worried about history repeating himself? >> i knew the analogy could be made, that's the point of the reference.
7:36 am
but water gate was at full blast for 18 months. archibald cox was investigating richard nixon. donald trump is not under investigation. mr. comey so far has come up empty handed based on what i have seen. >> can we ask a couple of questions, has the fbi contacted you? >> they have not. >> still have not contacted you? >> have not. >> has there been a subpoena for any of the documents that they needed from you? have they subpoenaed you or requested in any way, shape or form? >> no. the house and senate intelligence committees have requested documents. we will comply fully with their requests, but since members of both of those committees have disparaged me in public, i would like the opportunity to testify in public. >> are you personally relieved that comey's no longer on the job, in terms of how it relates to any legal jeopardy you might face? >> i have no legal jeopardy. the idea of russian collusion is
7:37 am
a canard, it's a falsehood. >> morgan, we find it hard to pin him down. we spent five years plus following him around to make this documentary. do you find it as hard to get the true picture of roger stone? >> roger is a very complex person. that's why we wanted to make this movie about him. you know, i think that roger has a tendency to take on different things that he hasn't done and that may have been the case with the russian collusion story. but at the same time, as our fill demonstrates, roger has been in the mix of a lot of the most transformative and depending upon where you fall in the political spectrum, destructive events in our history since water gate. >> roger,i i have to leave it with this, this film shows that you are the person other than donald trump that deserves the most credit for his presidency. simple question, do you agree? >> no, donald trump is responsible for his presidency. i'm just his biggest booster. >> roger stone, morgan pehme, thank you. "get me roger stone" debuts on
7:38 am
netflix tomorrow. now we'll get a check on the weather from al. thank you so much, matt. we're looking at a tale of two countries as far as the jet stream is concerned. to the south, we have the southern spring. look at the temperatures today, 81 in little rock. houston, 86. gainesville, 94. in fact, we could be looking at records in savannah, jacksonville and orlando coming close to 100 degrees. but then you go to the north and this northern chill in the northeast is going into the weekend. burlington, only 62. new york city on saturday, 53. 55, 53 in erie. and des moines, iowa, staying fairly warm, close there to 81 on good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have seasonable weather and temperatures reaching into the low 70s. we start out with clouds but we'll get sunshine in the south bay later today and highs in the low 70s for much of the east bay and also up ere 60s for the inner bay.
7:39 am
san francisco stays in the upper 60s for the western section of the city while the mission district will be up to 62 and 66 today in sonoma with a slight chance of rain. get the weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. >> you still have two days to change that forecast. coming up, condolences pouring in for espn anchor chris berman after the death of his wife in a car crash. we're back in a moment lergies with nasal congestion?
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7:44 am
7:43. we are back with the latest on a tragic car accident that claimed the life of kathy berman, the wife of chris berman, and claimed the life of another man. >> connecticut police are investigating the cause of the crash as pro athletes, teams and fellow broadcasters are offering condolences to a man who looms very large in the world of sports. >> reporter: this morning police in connecticut are investigating what caused this horrifying car crash that killed kathy berman, the wife of legendary espn sportscaster chris berman. the 67-year-old had been driving near the couple's home tuesday afternoon when according to police she struck a vehicle in front of her. her car then veered off the road overturning at the bottom of this embankment. the other car driven by 87-year-old edward batoulis slammed into a pole and ended upside down.
7:45 am
he was on his way home from the cemetery after visiting his wife's grave. both he and berman were killed. a former teach, kathy berman, worked tirelessly to expand literacy in the state. >> so engaging, so friendly, a beautiful smile. you could feel her spirit and her passion for literacy just talking to her for two minutes. >> this is nfl primetime. >> reporter: for nearly 40 years her husband chris was a staple at espn. nicknamed boomer, he was a steady presence during nfl broadcasts before stepping down in january. >> you guys couldn't keep a secret. >> reporter: now after his wife's fatal accident, athletes and broadcasters are offering their con lo dens. >> our deepest condolences to the berman family. our thoughts and prayers are with you. >> it is important for all of us on this show to make our love for chris and his family known. >> reporter: espn's president called it a devastating tragedy. all we can do at a moment like this is give him the love and support he will surely need. online, more heartfelt words
7:46 am
from some of the nfl's biggest stars, seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson offered his prayers saying, i know you always told me she was your rock. hall of fame runningback barry sanders tweeted, no words express the tragedy of this accident. love you, boomer. the baltimore ravens called him family. and in a touching statement, the buffalo bills said they will be circling the wagons for boomer and his family. overnight, the berman family released a statement saying, we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and sympathy. kathy berman had a huge heart, and this would have warmed hers beyond belief. the couple had been married for 33 years. her death coming just one day before her husband's 62nd birthday. berman who has worked for espn for nearly 40 years met kathy back in the early '80s. they have been together ever since. the couple have two grown children. when you listen to the outpouring from coaches to players, you can tell how loved chris and his family were.
7:47 am
>> we watched him for an awfully long time. all our thoughts and prayers go out to you, boomer, and to your family as well. en. up next, we'll take a turn and take you inside one of the largest drone conventions in the world. why one of the drones could be
7:48 am
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♪ this mother's day, every kiss does begin with kay... where, for the first time ever, everything is 30% off. like bolo bracelets for layering. her soon-to-be-favorite new earrings. and a stack of rings for her to mix and match. 30% off everything, may 4th-14th, only at kay. the number-one jewelry store... ...for mom. every kiss begins with kay. look what the cat drag in. hello, carson. >> how are you? nice to see you folks. >> what is shaking in the orange
7:51 am
room? >> rapper reality tv star bow wow became the center of a social media storm. he posted this picture. here's bow wow. here's the picture, he got off his car and he said it was press day to promote a show. let's go. that's what he posts, okay? then we see this post, this is a user on snapchat. that's bow wow right there and he writes, so this guy is lil bow wow is on my flight to new york. but on instagram, he posted a picture of a private jet, traveling to new york today. shaking my head. this story goes one step further, leave it up to the internet to drill down deeper. they do a reverse google search on the picture he posted initially. what do they come up with? that's lifted from a florida only transportation company. that's the same shot right there. so here, out of all of this, we see what was born yesterday, was #bowwowchallenged. twitter filling themselves of something glamorous but turns
7:52 am
out to be quite the opposite. patrice writes on the vacation in hawaii, no, that is just her fingers on a keyboard. just pulled pocket change out of my account. antonio posted this, my new ride at the car wash, that is just a toy car in the shower. and patrice writes with my man, but a better look, there's no man there. bow wow did briefly address the picture live on instagram wednesday. he says, quote, he has nothing to explain. >> i love it. >> thank you, bow wow. that was hilarious. coming up, dating the old fashioned way. the new outfit that is forcing users to take it slow. >> we'll tell you about that. >> we'll tell you about that. but first, turns out things aren't always what you think they are. >> we'll tell you about that. but first, take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here.
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good thursday morning, it's 7:56. as we get a look at the clouds in the north bay in our tiburon camera, we'll watch the north bay, slight chance of showers as we go into late morning and early afternoon and temperatures to be will be topping out in the upper 60s for napa. oakland 65, 68 in livermore and low 70s for san jose and palo alto. san francisco a high of 62. we see light rain well to the north of us and as it moves into northern sonoma county, that rain will dry out but we'll monitor the radar in case we see scattered showers moving through. cooler temperatures over the next couple days with gusty winds in san francisco. highs in the upper 50s. a brief start to this mother's day weekend. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. holding up with a lighter volume all around the bay which
7:57 am
means better speeds overall. 87 holding steady. 217 and 285 is the latest slowing that showed up over the last 20 minutes. slow across the dunbarton bridge, heavier traffic on the supp san mateo bridge. oakland just bogging down by the coliseum northbound. back to you. thank you very much, kari and mike. 7:57. happening now, neighbors in brentwood rattled after two driveway fires about a mile apart. firefighters say the fire started within 10 minutes of each other. investigators are trying to determine if they were intentionally set. you can link to details and video in our twitter feed. the fbi's new acting director is getting set to testify before the senate intelligence committee. his appearance comes one day after assuming his post in the wake of james comey's firing. head to our home page for more information including a link to the live feed.
7:58 am
another update in a half hour. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking his silence. former fbi director james comey addresses his firing for the very first time as his replacement gets set to testify before congress today. we're live in washington. plus, the drone rangers. from food delivery to first responders, we'll take you inside the largest drone convention in the world to see what all the buzz is about. and modern day "friends." >> if "friends" was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into i phones. >> why jennifer aniston thinks her show would never survive the smartphone era. today thursday, may 1 1, 2017.
8:01 am
>> hey, everybody. it's hope tometown, thursday. where are you from? >> texas. >> texas. >> ohio. >> what are you guys celebrating? >> my mom's 70th birthday. >> what are you guys celebrating? >> it's our mom's 70th birthday too. >> what do you all want to say? >> happy montana. >> the weekend! >> what are you guys doing in new york city? >> we're here for a girls trip. best friends for 34 years. >> hey, matt lauer, favorite sign of the day right here. it's 8:00 on "today." it's thursday. it's may 11th, and it's a pretty spring day out on our plaza. we have some lovely folks out here. we've got some great music coming up. can i just say, though, look at these adorable ladies right here. grannies from ohio. >> happy mother's day. >> what are you celebrating? >> just four grannies gone wild
8:02 am
in new york city. >> i love it. >> can i show you one more grandma? just one more grandma. haley's grandma is here. >> happy advanced mother's day. >> thank you. >> that's hoda's mom. >> this sign is kind of awesome. matt, we were watching you when you had hair. >> i still have hair. it's just many in my ears now. >> that's very nice for them. >> we have some great music coming up, don't we? >> how about this for next week, okay? new kids on the block are higd our block on monday. >> wow. >> they start their 44 city tour this coming summer. >> that is just the beginning. on tuesday -- i'm busting for this one -- country fans will be grabbing their boots coming to the plaza. the zach brown band will be here on tuesday. >> wait, that's not all. we also have mary j.blige on our
8:03 am
plaza on friday. no drama. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. let's check out some headlines. here's your news at 8:00. >> good morning. i'm halle jackson in washington where president trump may make a visit to fbi headquarters sometime in the next few days to try and reassure the agency after he abruptly fired its director, and now new this morning, we are getting our first glimpse into the former director james comey's mindset. he writes in a late night letter saying good-bye to former colleagues, "i am done, and i will be fine, although i will miss you and the mission deeply." >> reporter: this morning james comey in his own words reacting to his bombshell firing for the first time in a good-bye letter he sent to former staff and friends. he writes, "i have long believed that a president can fire an fbi director for any reason or for no reason at all. i'm not going to spend time on
8:04 am
the decision or the way it was executed. i hope you won't either. a casually dressed comey spotted at his home in virginia has been hunkered down since his stunning dismissal 48 hours ago, but his replacement will be front and center on capitol hill today. acting fbi director andrew mccabe, set to testify publicly in front of the senate intelligence committee where comey's firing is sure to be topic number one. the gop chair of that committee joining other republicans concerned over comey's ouster. >> the timing and the reasons for this decision made little sense to me, and i don't think i've heard anything since last night that would clarify that in any way. >> reporter: but republican leaders, like house speaker paul ryan, are defending the president's decision. >> he lost the confidence of the president, and it is entirely within the president's role and authority to relieve him, and that's what he did. >> reporter: administration sources describe an increasingly frustrated president consulting
8:05 am
with the vice president, son-in-law jared kushner, and his white house counsel before ultimately deciding to get rid of comey, setting off a scramble that privately took even some top aides by surprise. publicly the white house is defending his decision. >> he lost confidence in director comey. >> that's not what the press secretary said just last week. >> the president has confidence in the director. >> reporter: democrats, accident who accuse the president of firing comey because he was overseeing the russian meddling in the election interference. now there's more scrutiny today from the gop, like house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz who wants a select committee to look into why comey was let go. >> the senate intelligence committee is now issuing a subpoena demanding documents from former national security advisor mike flynn to put this into perspective. senate historian tells us this is the first subpoena from that committee since the 9/11 joint inquiry.
8:06 am
>> halle jackson in washington. halle, thanks very much. a controversial change overnight in the city of new orleans. workers removed a statue of confederate president jefferson davis. that was erected more than a century ago. police kept guard fearing that opponents of that move might try to interfere. however, the removal went peacefully. this was the second of four monuments that are being removed from high profile locations after court battles. new orleans mayor says they do not reflect the city's modern diversity. a woman who spent six days lost in the montana wilderness is now recovering after a dramatic helicopter rescue. 23-year-old madeline connolly had gone for a day hike with her dog on thursday and never came back. relatives found her car two days later, and just when things were looking bleak, a helicopter team spotted madeline on wednesday. they hoisted her and her dog to safety. she was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion, but otherwise, she's okay. she had stopped in montana driving -- she's on her way to alaska to start a new job
8:07 am
managing a bakery. a ship that played a heroic role in the movie "the perfect storm" has come to a fitting end. the coast guard cutter that rescued people from that real life adventure was sent below the waves to become part of an artificial reef off the coast of new jersey. the ship was checkedjersey. her greatest adventure unfolded in 1991 when she answered a distress call after three strong storm systems came together off the coast of new england. amazing story. >> coming up, when parents become pals. why so many millennials these days say their best friends are their own moms and dads. >> friends forever. jennifer aniston shares a harsh truth about her show and why it wouldn't work today. >> it's bird, a plane, a snack. your next meal could be delivered by drone. we'll show you how right after these messages. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay?
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8:12 am
walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. 8:12 on the dot and time to trend. >> how old were you when you moved out of the house >> 18. >> 18. >> i lived at home during college. >> so 21. >> yes. >> well, more and more millennials are living at home. some because of finances they can't afford to move out. according to a recent survey from tdameritrade millennials say they love living at home. research says they look at their parents as friends. a lot of millennials are saying they simply are living at home because they enjoy the company of their parents. >> i think that's nice.
8:13 am
>> how does mom and dad feel? >> my dad used to say i can't miss you if you don't leave. we live in an age of dating websites and apps, first impression based on photos. wouldn't be nice to take it slow. check out this dating app that's getting a lot of attention. this is the photo you get. you see that. it forces you to engaging conversation first and then if you like what the other is saying, parts of the photo are then revealed, like a puzzle. it takes 15 likes to see the full picture. you have to say 15 things you like. they call it slow dating. >> why don't you have coffee. talk to the person over multiple periods of time. >> i don't know. do we like the idea? >> make it even worse then all of a sudden you don't like the person when the picture comes up. but i'm very superficial.
8:14 am
>> this little boy in his persistent in his quest for an apology. mike pence was hosting this event for military families. he accidentally tapped the little boy on the nose. look at the boy's reaction. so the little boy, i think i deserve an apology. check this out. >> thank you all very much. >> the boy followed the vice president, he navigated the room saying excuse me, excuse me a few more times and it paid off. >> what's he saying? >> and he got a hug. >> and a letter from secret service. >> i should try that during the inaugural. no taxes for the rest of my life. >> exactly. >> lots to get to. jennifer aniston, over a decade since the series finale of
8:15 am
"friends" since the gang spent their new york city days hanging out. jennifer opened up about what a modern day "friends" would look like. she said the show could never have existed today. >> so now you have a computer, a television and a phone. there's no room. we were jokingly saying that if "friends" was created today you would have a coffee shop full of people staring into iphones. there's no conversations. >> good point. now to nbc's next live musical the network announcing its next production is "jesus chri"jesus superstar" set to air easter sunday of 2018. creators andrew lloyd weber aboard to executive produce.
8:16 am
it will be good. no stars have been announced but casting is under way. finally "the voice". we have a new coach for season 13 that they announced. jennifer hudson. jennifer hudson will be joining mile jay, adam and blake in the coaches chair. we're very excited for that. that's your pop star today. >> that show gets great people. who produces that. >> he's a genius. >> thank you. mr. roker, check of the weather. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by walgreen's. get your red nose today only at walgreen's to help end child poverty. you got this complex storm system pushing across the country and as it does we have arriving of severe weather stretching from texas into ohio over the next 48 hours but then the system gets to taste and friday night low pressure moves
8:17 am
offshore. rain and wind for mid-atlantic coast. continues on saturday into sunday. so mother's day weekend in the northeast and on into new england will be a mess. not only will we have wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour, new jersey to maine, anywhere of one to three inches of rain and spraepding down to washington, d.c. as you get north could be for you to five inches of rain and it will be chilly. stay inside and hug your mom. >> i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out with clouds around the bay area and temperatures mostly in the 50s. 53 in san francisco and cloudy in the north bay, 52 degrees. this afternoon will see some clearing for the inland vallejo valleys. up to 70. 72 degrees in the south bay. north bay up to 63 degrees with a slight chance of rain and in the east bay, look for a high today of 65 degrees.
8:18 am
when you are traveling check us out on our series xm channel 108, home of the "today" show confidential. >> that's a hot show. >> tomorrow at 2:00. >> everybody is talking about that. >> big. >> 2:00 p.m. sharp. new to the view from above one of the largest drone conventions is under way today. >> showing off dazzling new tech taking daily life to new heights. gabe gutierrez has a look. >> reporter: good morning. for years the buzz has been about aerial drone delivery by companies like google and amazon. guess what? that's already happening in the u.s. in nevada and many companies here at this convention want to take this industry to the next level. from aerial photography to life-saving missions drones are changing the landscape in countless ways. >> we got to keep moving faster because the technology isn't slowing down. >> reporter: in new york they
8:19 am
are helping firefighters monitor hot spots. in louisiana they use thermal imaging to find three runaway teens hiding in the woods at night. overseas they are delivering medical supplies to rural corners of the globe, miles away from the nearest hospitals. and in the u.s. the industry is flying higher than ever more than 820,000 drone registrations in less than a year and a half. >> drone industry is at a similar point today where personal computing was in the early 1980s. we're on the verge of a technological revolution. >> reporter: matthew sweeney is the ceo of a florida based company that have launched deliveries of dominos pizza to australia. >> in the early days of the car you had to have someone walk in front of that car carrying a flag to make sure that that car was separated from horse and
8:20 am
car. unfortunately, we're still at that same point with drone regulations in the united states. >> >> what other companies want is for the government to decide on regulations for drones to fly over people and beyond a pilot's line of sight. the faa administrator says he is not rushing it. >> we're not going to solve every problem on day one. our overriding concern has to be done safely. >> reporter: that is the big concern in this industry right now. safety. there are more than 600 exhibitors here at this convention. more than any other. this drone in front of me is the intel falcon 8 plus. it's used to inspect roads and bridges. these goggles are made by a company called d.j.i. $449. they just came out to market. guys, they're pretty incredible. it feels like you're in a cockpit of the drone. back to you. >> which you would have to be really --
8:21 am
>> gabe, thank you very much. you love drones, don't you? >> i think they're great for surveillance, defense, and movie production, neighbors. for military use. not for -- yeah, for my neighbors. >> military strike on the next door neighbor. incoming! love your new pool. >> but delivering. i don't know. that's where i draw the line. >> the noise too. they got to do something about the noise. >> you want the noise. >> why? >> you want to know they're there. you don't want to look up and there's one hovering above you. >> i bet there's government stealth ones. >> you want a bell. we're going to shift gears ahead of mother's day on sunday. we all know that moms work very hard and on mother's day we get to enjoy a little bit of extra attention, but now some companies are making it their business to help moms out every single day of the year. here's nbc's jolene kemp. >> reporter: johnson & johnson ships breast milk home during business trips. patagonia and pdr send baby-sitters on the road.
8:22 am
now maternity concierges find everything from the best pediatrician to picking out the best stroller and helping you find child care while you focus on your job. >> everything that speaks to the employees is a win-win for both the companies and the employees. especially for moms who make up close to 60% of the work force. >> reporter: experts say it's a growing trend among companies, especially as they target millennials. the end goal? retain women talent in the long run. as women hold only 24% of senior management roles. >> maternity concierge is here. >> reporter: at fifth third bank maternity consee arj staff help this employee prepare for baby number two. >> maternity cocierge lets me focus on work 100% and allows me to focus on home when i'm at home. >> reporter: theresa tanner launched the program because the bank found that women who went on maternity leave were twice as
8:23 am
likely to leave their jobs within a year as opposed to women who did not have children. >> we have to change the rules of the game, and there are so many things that employers can do to really help women, to really understand that pregnancy is not an inconvenience. >> reporter: the service is available to all employees at every level, including dads. from the beginning of pregnancy until the child turns 1. when customer service representative lexa smith found out baby xavier might arrive a few weeks early, the maternity concierge planned her baby shower, scheduled doctors appointments, and picked up prescriptions as she worked full-time. >> i kind of was able to sit back and take a deep breath and say, you know, i have someone i can lean on and that i can ask for help. >> reporter: fifth third bank does not charge employees for the service, which has helped nearly 170 moms and dads to be. >> exactly how much does all of this cost? >> it's over a six-figure investment, but such a small investment when you really think about it. if it allows just a few more
8:24 am
women to see a path to staying in a career that they want to stay in, this program more than pays for itself. >> reporter: for "today" jolene kemp, cincinnati, ohio. >> that is so smart because you realize after a child you're trying to do everything and you can't do it and you realize there's that kind of help, right? >> everybody needs a little extra hand for sure. well, coming up, mr. manners himself is here, thomas farley. he will tell us why being neighborly could actually be the key to your happiness. >> especially if carson is flying a drone over your house. >> yeah. >> first, your local news. but first to your local news. good morning, it )s 8-26...
8:25 am
8:26 am
i )m ... ==topvo== . n francisc a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. san francisco leaders today will be on hand for today's groundbreaking for a new ferry expansion terminal. the project will add two additional entry gates to the additional ferry building along with weather protected canopies and a new plaza. the project is expected to come in at a cost of nearly $80 million. it's scheduled to be finished in 2019. groundbreaking set for 10:00 a.m. today is bike to work day. around the bay area there are several stations set up providing water, bottles, snacks, towels for cyclists. thousands are expected to participate. nice day for it. maybe it will lighten the load on the roads. >> it's springtime and colleges have already graduated. less on the roadways today and
8:27 am
playing out nicely for the travel. speeds through the area, we're looking over to the peninsula where we have slowing in all directions through san mateo, typical of 92 and 101, nothing dramatic. and over on the other side of the bay our oakland camera, we do have slowing northbound passed the coliseum and the southbound side picking up the volume. a crash located around coliseumway. i didn't see it on the live camera but the effects of something going on here. this stretch past the coliseum on the nimitz is tough. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in a half hour. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
conceirge. >> we're back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning. may 11th, 2017. it is a beautiful, beautiful morning here in the northeast. cool and crisp and sunny and all those good things. by the way, these people you just saw kicking off their morning with us. we appreciate that. absolutely. mr. manners is back, and he will tell us the story of how one woman really transformed her neighborhood of strangers into a real community and why you could see turquoise tables popping up in your neck of the woods. >> i feel like we're blocking this beautiful sign that says i crashed my husband work trip to meet matt. >> are you the husband? >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> something else going on here. >> it suddenly took a turn.
8:31 am
>> as people plan their summer get-aways, we have great suggestions from best-selling authors on which books you should pack fr. also, first, you have been helping us out with our summer ready drop ten today plan. we have dr. oz and today nutritionist joy bauer. they have a perfect plan that makes it easy to do, and by the way, we've heard from more than 5,000 of you who are joining in and jumping on board, which is terrific. each week leading up to the first day of summer. joy will share some tips on how to keep people on track. let's go to the orange room now. joy, what do you have for us today? >> hey, guys. so many people love the peanut butter banana sushi that i showed a few weeks ago, and they're asking for more diet friendly and delicious morning meals. i'll show you two that meet that criteria, and remember, they're under 300 calories, and they're packed with protein and fiber. first up, my apple bodonuts. just take an apple.
8:32 am
you core it and slice it up. then you'll top it with vanilla greek yogurts, berries, nuts, seeds. a dash of cinnamon. it's packed with the good stuff. next up i have peanut butter stuffed strawberries, and the secret ingredient is powdered peanut butter. you mix it with water. it's creamy. you put it in a zip lock bag. a little hole. you pipe it right into these berries. delicious and fun. tada! back to you, guys. >> that's really good. how many times have you said to me when you are craving a donut, you would rather have a slice of lettuce? >> when don't i say that? >> this lady behind me -- >> there's a riot out here. >> that's not a donut. >> people are offended by the misuse of the word donut out here on the plaza. >> if you are sold, the meal plan and these rez pcipes are o let us know what's working and what's not by using the _#apple -- just kidding.
8:33 am
_#drop 10 today. we p only kid because we love joy. mr. roker, check of the weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by kay jewellers. for 100 years, every kiss begins with kay. instead how about having a cider apple donut. those are pretty good. all right. let's show you what we have going on right now. weekend outlook flood threat on friday in the mid-atlantic coast. warm rockies. we've got wet weather in the pacific northwest. some snow in the inland sections. on saturday it's going to be a mess up and down the east coast. especially mid-atlantic into the northeast. look for some snow in the inner mountain regions. looking good. on mother's day the northeast not great, but for the rest of the country from the southeast gulf coast, into the mid plains, the upper mississippi valley looking good. still cool in the west. southwest looking good on mom's day. >> good morning.
8:34 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we begin with clouds as you get ready to head out the door and our high temperatures will be reaching into the upper 60s are low 70s for the inland valleys along the coast 58 at half moom bay and san francisco 62 degrees and mid 60s for the north bay. we will be watching out for a chance of rain seeing the clouds starting to spread in and the rain still well to the north but could see some spotty light showers especially in sonoma county today. >> and that is your latest weather. hoda. >> al, thank you so much. with graduation season upon us, we a segment called never too late to educate where we tell stories about people who have continued their education later in life. cathleen rogers is about to earn her doctorate in nursing practice from the university of massachusetts at amherst. cathleen, good morning. >> good morning. >> so many women are going to watch this, and they're going to say to themselves, like, wow. if she can do it, i can -- wait a second.
8:35 am
what? no, i thought this was a segment on education. oh. oh, oh, oh -- i'm so embarrassed. i'm so sorry. this is actually a segment about mother's day. >> about mother's day? >> this is a segment called thanks a million mom. >> oh. >> your boys wrote in to us to tell us what a wonderful mom you are. please look at that monitor. >> my mom is the best. she is a big ball of positivity. just big ball of light. >> she's very bubbly, outgoing, and compassionate person. >> my mom is aus am ol. she's a rock star. >> she works hard for everything she's ever gotten. she's a single mom of three boys, worked full-time as a nurse. >> she sacrificed a lot. she had to give up most of her life just so that she could work to give us our life.
8:36 am
>> she never gives up. she's now in her 60s. she's gone ahead and got into a doctorate program and completed it in record time. >> i used to visit my mom when she was a nurse practitioner, and her patients loved her. she was like the person everyone wanted to see. >> she made them all feel like they were part of the family. >> but she always made us the priority. she was always at all of our events. she was always there to support us. she was always in the stands kind of our biggest fan. >> she is setting the bar so high, and i can only hope to follow in her footsteps as i have tried my entire life. >> her graduation is tomorrow, and it's across the country, and all of us have work, and none of , so e able to attend, so she's she's really bummed, we are really bummed. but hopefully being on the "today" show will make up for it. >> in terms of the best mother's day ever, she's the best mother. >> my mom always wanted girls. and unfortunately or fortunately for her, she got all three boys.
8:37 am
and we don't always tell her how much we love her or give her as many hugs or kisses as we should. but we're really proud of her. and we love her with all our hearts. >> we love you, mom. happy mother's day. >> how about those boys you raised? >> they are wonderful boys. >> they are so bummed they couldn't be here for your big graduation. so we thought, you know what? maybe they should be here for your graduation. how about if we bring out a couple of these sons, are they? where is jonathan and david? >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, thank you. >> surprise! >> i am surprised. >> your third son couldn't be here today. but oh -- i know you were worried about not being able to make it to graduation, just because the crew couldn't make it, but we decided to change all that. so we've got your graduation gown. tomorrow is your graduation, right? >> that's correct. >> how about your mom getting her doctorate, guys? will you help her put that robe on for me?
8:38 am
i'll hold this for you. stay right there. as you put on the robe, guys, describe your mom. she sounds phenomenal. >> she's a hard worker. she's the epitome of effort and determination, perseverance, and this is what you get. doctor. >> how does it feel to have boys like this? because you worked hard, you can tell. >> i'm proud of them. i'm very proud of them. that's why i kept going back to school, just for them. >> how come? >> to show them that it is doable. it's -- life is full of learning, so why not get your doctorate? >> so kids, the graduation is tomorrow, you guys are all going, you're going to watch your mom walk across the stage. you are going! she was worried she couldn't go because it was going to cost too much to get there, but we worked it all out. how tough was it to pull this off? because your mom knows every detail of what is going on. >> yes. >> tell us how tough it was. >> it was extremely tough. i mean, i even sent a text message last night trying to mention that i was not here.
8:39 am
>> they sent me a text. >> well, in addition, because we're happy you're going to graduation tomorrow to watch your mom have this great moment, but in addition to that, we thought you deserved a little graduation present. so after all that studying, we think you deserve a vacation. so how about a five-night all-inclusive trip to the dominican republic courtesy of the dreams dominican resort and spa. kathleen, put your toes in the sand, you worked so hard and you deserve this. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> by the way, you boys are good boys. have fun at graduation. take a picture and send it to us because we want to see the moment. >> thank you all so much. coming up next, good manners make good neighbors. we'll talk to mr. manners about the best way to get to know the people that live next door to you. but first, this is "today" on nbc. g you, didn't we?weot
8:40 am
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
8:41 am
and now to our series "manners on the move," we're
8:42 am
taking a closer look at civility across america. >> thomas farley is getting a little neighborly this morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> are you ready? >> we certainly are. good morning. today we are heading to austin, texas, one of america's fastest growing cities. the rising population there is really putting southern hospitality to the test. but we met one woman who is turning the tables on the barriers that set us apart. when did our neighborhoods get filled with strangers? when did we get too busy to get to know people living right next door? kristen shell is raising four children in austin, texas. but found little communing in her community. >> what i was noticing is we would wave, you know, and give a friendly hi, but the garage doors would go up and garage doors would go down and people disappear inside. >> reporter: so she did something drastic, she painted a picnic table turquoise and put it in her front yard. >> this is a hypothesis. what if we moved ordinary
8:43 am
activities we were already doing but move them in the front yard and live in a more visible way? >> people were curious. pretty soon neighbors who came over to ask about the tables were asking to put them in their own front yards. you can see them on the lawns all across the neighborhood. from there it became a movement of front yard people, which she documented in her new book. kristen says there are thousands of turquoise tables across 40 states. kristen may be onto something, and the most recent pupils, only four in ten americans say they know all or most of their neighbors. and fewer in five in ten say they trust them. so we put kristen's idea to the test to try to start a conversation on manners by setting up a table at a busy outdoor market. >> i think the past five houses i have lived at i haven't known my neighbors. >> do you know half your neighbors by name probably? >> that would be about right. >> and the other half, you just don't know them? >> well, i wave to them but don't really know them. >> there seems to be a disconnect. many blame the connection to our devices and social media. >> we are just buried in
8:44 am
communicating through their phones and computers as opposed to hanging out on the front porch and trying to let the kids run outside. >> social media is in place instead of having conversation face to face. >> we are starting a movement to try to bring back that sense of community, is it possible? >> oh, i think it is possible. i think it is probable. it seems like familiarity of different groups in the u.s. right now, and to me all that means is eventually it's going to come back together. >> but some see technology as a tool to keep the peace. >> we have each others numbers to send a message to say, the party is getting too loud and my kids are trying to go to sleep, can we turn the music down? >> but it can also lead to confusion. >> we often misinterpret what is being said to us because there's no inflection. you can communicate me to e-mail and i can take offense to it. but if you commute to me face to
8:45 am
face, i can read your body language and we know it's okay. >> we asked if there are issues where we can help. >> how do you approach your neighbor and say, by the way, can you apply some sealant to your fence so our fence doesn't fall down? >> something we notice a lot in my conversations with people is they very often don't approach a neighbor about an issue such as this, they keep it inside and tell their friends but don't approach the neighbor. you're nodding, so i'm guessing this is the case here. >> yes. >> if you can make it a communal activity, buy a sealant together, make a day of it, put the sealant on or hire somebody to do it and share the expense. i think that's a nice way of coming together. >> good idea. i didn't think about that. thank you very much. >> fences can make for good neighbors but maybe a turquoise table can bring them together. >> we have to slow down and remember, momma was always right, mind your manners. >> and you have good tips for us. >> i do, savannah. for starters, we want to say be an ambassador for your
8:46 am
neighborhood. don't let five years go by before the people move out before you get to know them. give them subtle time but stop by, exchange contact information for them to reach out to you. second, be visible. as we saw with kristin, she's out in her front yard, the kids are playing out there, she's meeting joggers, she's meeting dog walkers, this is the best way to get to know the people. if you are in the backyard, you will never get to know your community. and last, gather. so once a year, every six months, organize some sort of get-together for the neighborhood, whether it is a community clean-up, in my neighborhood they do a tree planting project where people plant tulips. even in new york city. so it doesn't matter where you live, there's a way to embrace the lessons. >> we do a block party right in front. kids, families, you get a chance to talk, mingle. >> and i think a lot of people look at their neighbors and say, they spend all their time away from the public in the backyard so they must want privacy. maybe they just haven't been invited to anything. >> that's it. kristin made a list where she said, red house, person with yoga pants. i don't know half the people. let me get to know them.
8:47 am
and this is the result. >> it seems like when we were kids we knew every neighbor, everybody around us. >> yes. >> everybody knew you. >> thank you. >> there's more on including ways to challenge yourself to be a little bit more civil. keep sharing your stories and also your progress using #mannersonthemove. up next, best-selling authors share their picks for the hottest books to read this summer. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx all right. we're back as the weather heats up. it's time to break up the beach bag and fill it with some great beachry. they are here with their favorite books, isaac fitzgerald is here. good morning. the book's lightning round. i love when we get your picks and start with fiction. isaac, what do you like?
8:50 am
>> we have to go with "exit wes west." they are exiting their country through mysterious doors that take them any place. i don't want to say much more, but this is an incredible read that speaks to immigration in these times. >> emma, can you top it with your fiction? >> i can try. this is courtney sullivan's book "saints for all occasions." i like to describe it as a sexy book about nuns. it's about family and too teenager girls who come over from ireland, one of them has a baby, it's like a family saga, historical fiction. beautiful book. >> sounds epic. how about you, brad? >> this is "the shroud conspiracy" by john heubusch. it's da vinci code mixed. it's a great thriller.
8:51 am
>> let's do non-fiction. >> "killers of the flower moon" by david gray. this is a true story about murders that took place against the osage trial in the 1920s. they were wealthy because they had oil under their land. it's a mystery, but some of the dark history of the united states. this is the book for you. >> emma, what do you got? >> so my pick is "hourglass." it's a story about marriage and i love that it's a really honest, beautifully written book about a marriage 20 years in that ends with them still married. like it's not -- it doesn't -- everything doesn't fall apart, but it's really like a clear look into a real love story. >> i love a happy ending but don't give it away. what do you got, brad? >> "the last niggood night" by howard blum.
8:52 am
she turned the tide for the united states and allies. reads like a thriller. >> author's pick. that means whatever you want, no rules. >> "what it means when a man falls from the sky." this is a short-story collection. her writing blows me away. there are so many short stories, some of them take place in ni niger nigeria, one of the places the writer grew up, but it is based on strong characters. the story runs the gamete, you will love this if you love good writing. >> emma, what do you got? >> i have "dear ijeaweley." it is funny, smart and inspiring. >> and it fits in your purse. how about that, brad? >> this can fit in your purse, i guess? "american assassin" by vince flynn. the movie comes out in september by dylan o'brien. it is about one of the most
8:53 am
covert operatives in the united states. this is the book you want to read this summer before the movie comes out in september. >> guys, thank you so much. now we have our homework, isaac fitzgerald, brad thor and emma. thank you. a couple of them have new books out as well. check it out on the "today"how sp.
8:54 am
8:55 am
well, it's birthday time now. >> yes, we are really excited about that. we always love to spin the smucker's jar to see who we are celebrating. first up, a happy 101st birthday to dominador soriano from texas. served during world war ii and a purple heart recipient. we salute you, sir. edna is 100 years old from wisconsin. she says the secret to longevity, a glass of red wine every day. happy 100th birthday to caswell willmott. he's from georgetown, kentucky. loves to eat a big breakfast with a lot of bacon. yes, sir! rose is celebrating 101 years old. she's a beautician from pennsylvania and didn't retire until she was 94. and paul kataponn is 100 years old.
8:56 am
this former soccer goal lee graduated from the university of san antonio, texas, and is the oldest living alum. and my friend emily sarian better known as nana. i met her before. she's celebrating her 105th birthday. a huge cleveland indians fan. attended the 1988 world series. happy birthday, good morning, i i )m ... ==topvo== arson investigators are looking into two suspicious car fires overnight in the east bay - the latest in a string 1w. good thursday morning. arson investigators are looking into two suspicious car fires in the east bay, just the latest in a string of car fires in contra costa county. the two fires this morning happened in brentwood. about only a mile away from each other near summerwood park. firefighters also say they were reported within about eight minutes of one another. it's not clear if the fires were
8:57 am
or were not intentionally set and we don't know if there's a link with three other driveway car fires in contra costa, martinez, walnut creek, and lafayette. bob is talking with firefighters getting information about why the fires are considered to be suspicious. bob will bring us a report for our midday newscast. you can go to our twitter page to link to more information and video. the fbi's new acting director is testifying right now before a senate intel committee. andrew mccabe is addressing lawmakers on the global threat the u.s. faces. his appearance comes just one day after taking over in the wake of james comey's firing. go to our home page for more information including a link to a live feed of today's hearing if you want to watch it. we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
on today's take, christian is our co-host. and a mother's day surprise you'll never forget. a mother gets a deserving kitchen. we're cooking it up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday morning, may 11th, 2017. rocking out to shaggy's hit song "that love." >> good song. good song. >> and we are so thrilled to have him back. >> yes! >> mr. robot himself, christian
9:01 am
slater! >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> so glad you're here. >> glad to be here. >> you're in the midst of film season three. >> yes, we are. all over town, queens, downtown, we are loving it. there's a clip, there we go. >> it's a clip -- >> that's what i do in the show. i do a lot of hovering, yeah. >> wow. >> oh, there he goes. >> sitting far away. >> that's right. moody, moody, captivating. >> i have to say, i like the beard. >> thank you so much. this is the mr. robot growth. yeah, that's what -- i had to neaten it up this morning, but normally i like to go scruffy. >> do you like it personally? >> yeah, i enjoy it. i'm not a close shave type guy. i like to trim, i use a trimmer, but getting right down to the nub of the thing is not my style. >> nub of the thing. >> is that the way to say it? >> that's the way to go. i like that. >> i'm going to coin that.
9:02 am
#nugoft #nubofthething. i just went to my soul cycle class on monday. >> who was your teacher, do you remember? i'm putting you on the spot. >> betty mccarthy is her name. >> you know betty? >> do you do the moves? >> i try. the whole group around me was going nuts, everybody was sweating and doing the weights, and i kind of tried to keep up with the rhythm of what was happening in the room. but i loved the music. that's the thing. that's what keeps you going and inspired and happy. >> yeah. i can't -- it's a little too intense for me. i do a row class. they have this thing called city row. >> i have never heard of that. >> i have to say, i'm a soul cycle fanatic. i love it but do step aerobics
9:03 am
with is vanna. we like to jane fonda it out. >> you are workout buddies. >> do y'all have workout buddies? >> on saturday i do it with my son nick, it's fun. >> i have my wife. she's actually the one that signed me up for the soul cycle class, yes. we rode bikes next to each other. >> that's romantic. >> it wasn't bad. a good way to start the week in the morning. i enjoyed it and found healthy. >> a little romance on the bike. >> somewhat. it was a little tricky to work that. >> what about a soul cycle built for two? >> what? >> a soul cycle built for two, that's a good class. >> i like that. >> strangers hooking up on soul cycle built for two. >> we should start a whole dating -- >> ali, our producer is like, no. >> i feel like that's not a great idea. >> isn't this coffee incredible? >> al roker's coffee. >> this is al roker's coffee. >> i think al should bottle it and call it al's morning wake-up.
9:04 am
what do you think, al? >> there's a surprise in here. >> i would invest to it. >> it's the nub of the thing with the cinnamon surprise. very nice. >> it's like a nub. >> there's a new survey from ebates that revealed one of the most popular mother's day gifts may actually not be mom's first desire. >> according to a survey, only 13% of moms actually want flowers. while 17% prefer an experiental gift. >> like a spa or something? >> i disagree. send your wife or your mother flowers always. it's such a nice -- >> there's nothing wrong with it. >> i don't know who filled this out. i will say that sometimes my husband, i adore him, and he does really great things -- yesterday was our anniversary. >> happy anniversary, that's great. >> nine years, y'all. >> whoa! >> that's right. i was a child bride it turns
9:05 am
out. but any way -- >> hear that, y'all? that's good. i love that. thought it was adorable. yes, yes. >> now i'm turning red. >> you were saying -- >> earlier in our meeting -- >> i will say, i will admit that sometimes a coupon for something turns out to a last-minute, i forgot it was mother's day sunday. have y'all done that? where you write something like, one massage at the local place across the street. love you. and then it turns out -- >> has that happened to you? >> yes. do i ever get the massages? very rarely. >> you cash in that coupon. >> uh-oh, i need to write something right now. >> last minute, last second type things. >> i'm a big planner. >> are you? >> yeah, i do. >> smart. >> everybody wants to do that. >> i already got the mother's day -- i normally -- normally the kids pick the mother's day cards or make them, but i found
9:06 am
one and she loved it for her mom because it's kind of about what she's going to be going through coming up in the fall. >> going to college. >> oh, that's a big deal. >> yeah, a big deal. >> kind of weird. i mean, this will probably be the last mother's day where all the kids are together. >> she'll come home for it, maybe. maybe not. >> maybe not. >> depends what is going on that weekend, right? >> yeah, so it's a -- there's nothing wrong with giving flowers. >> give flowers. >> i think flowers are good. you can't go wrong. my mother has never been disappointed when flowers show up. >> i agree. >> her birthday is in april. so this is where i run into problems. because i just got her flowers for her birthday. and now mother's day is upon me, so i'm thinking fruit bowl this time. >> an edible arrangement? who doesn't love an ed i beliib arrangement? >> everybody loves raymond sent his mother frud of tit of the m
9:07 am
and he couldn't stop it. >> i was once given cheese of the month club. one of the best gifts ever. don't you think of cheese of the month club -- i got home and there would be a brie on my front porch. >> oh, my gosh. >> bury me in brie and i would be a happy lady. >> isn't that a country song? >> if it's not, let's write it. >> that's a great lyric. keep it close to the nub. >> a little mustard with cheese is nice. >> oh, mustard. >> and there's a new social media challenge sweeping the internet for a great cause. it's called the mustard challenge. it raises awareness and funds for kids. >> and the challenge was started by a nonprofit called no more kids with cancer, which was created by a mom who lost her 11-year-old nya to brain cancer. so sweet. the challenge is about eating a spoonful of mustard and then challenging four other people to do the same thing. we think this could be the next ice bucket challenge, right? >> certainly less messy. >> this is what is cool, another
9:08 am
charity that stands up to cancer will match up to $6 million in donations. >> wow. >> so are y'all up for doing it? >> absolutely. >> i'm in. >> yeah, i'm a huge fan. >> we are doing this now. >> we are doing it now. >> you can take the challenge and use #mustardchallenge. this is a very grainy -- >> that is a grainy one. >> i'm going to stay away from the grain and go with the pure yellow. how big do you have to do, just this? >> i think it's a full spoon. >> full spoon? >> full spoon. >> okay. >> oh, goodie. this is a good way for everyone to start the day. here we go. >> mmm. >> oh, yeah, that's a lot of mustard. >> oh, god, i'm so grossed out. >> uh-oh. you okay? >> i haven't swallowed it yet. >> no, this could be bad. >> oh, yeah. >> did you try that one, it is really spicy? did you try it? >> can i double-dip?
9:09 am
>> go for it, man. that's all you. >> you are going down for round two? >> oh, that's good. >> he loves mustard. >> i love mustard but -- >> mustard and cheese. >> do you know what would make that better? a good brett's hot dog. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. this mustard right here. >> so who are you going to challenge? >> who am i going to challenge? i challenge, certainly, rahmi mall locke, portia and the cast, there you go. >> okay. i am choked, i'm sorry. that was hard. i'm going to challenge, he's going to really not like me, but my father. >> all right, yeah. >> how about your mom? >> and my mother. >> nice! >> my sister isn't on social media, she wouldn't care. but my mother and father, at least donate, parents. and hoda kotb. >> i'm going with matt, savannah and dylan. >> good call. >> go to
9:10 am
>> i don't recommend eating as much as i did, though. >> you really went -- there we go. >> okay. thank you so much. >> coming up, the one question women should be asking men on a first date, other than do you real cheese people are ham and swiss people. some love opened faced. others as big as your face. they're hot and cold. big and bold. thick and ultra thin. but they would never make a sandwich with pasteurized process cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. sargento slices are 100% real, natural cheese. they let sandwich lovers fly their muenster, cheddar and gouda flags high. sargento natural cheese slices, we're real cheese people. what twisted ankle?ask what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain?
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hthat's why new downyl can saprotect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh. we are back with more of "today's take." guest co-host is christian slater. >> hello. >> you know him from "mr. rabw e robot." >> or "untamed heart." one of my childhood favorites. or another favorite, "heathers." let's just go down the line. >> okay. "broken arrow." facebook coo and founder of the leena movement, sheryl sandberg,
9:14 am
suggested applying her leaning in strategy to dating as well. >> okay. in an interview with "the financial times" she said women should ask men one key question on the first date. any guesses what that question would be? any ideas? >> mustard or ketchup? >> i would say ketchup at this moment in time. so she said, ask your date if he's the kind of man who wants to support your career. i think it's a good question to ask. >> but is it -- which i think is a great question, but is that a question you should ask on the first date? >> that's a -- that might be a little scary. >> when the waiter comes over and says, do you want flat or sparkling? and you answer tap water, i'm fine with that. if she's cool with that, we're in! >> maybe second or third -- if you think things are going well, i would think that is a question. >> maybe sheryl is thinking,
9:15 am
let's not waste a second date with a man that wants me to stay home and bake cookies. you know? not that there is anything wrong with that. >> no. but i think it's a great question, i really do. i just don't know, that might put some people off on a first date. >> it is easier asked than in practice. you know, i could tell henry was going to help me with my career, we were going to be a team, but some mornings it is harder than others, let's be honest. >> yeah, sure. sure. yeah. >> this next -- i always recommend this to some of my single female friends. and my wife followed this, too. she said, you can date whoever you want, but marry nerds. >> by 100% agree. as a nerd and as somebody that married a nerd, i'm glad i did. i might not have dated him in college, i liked a bad boy, thanks probably to "untamed heart," christian. oh, there's a cute face, he's so cute. but a good guy, a smart guy, i mean, a nerd means something smart and interesting, let's go
9:16 am
with that. >> i wonder if my wife thinks she married a nerd. that's probably a question for her. >> do you think you're a nerd? >> i'm pretty sure i'm a nerd. look at me. i got one of these, i got boys, action figures. >> you are both nerds in the best way possible. >> do you collect comic books? >> some comic books but mainly action figures. >> you guys are -- >> what is your most prized action figure? >> wow. well, i actually have a life-size stormtrooper. yeah. >> we're getting really nerdy. >> from "star wars." >> yeah, from sharper image. they sold them. do you remember that? >> yes, oh, my gosh! >> i still have it. >> you guys are like brothers. can we just zoom in on this? don't they look like brothers? >> you have the coolest stuff. he really does. he's got the coolest things in the dressing room. >> i think it is funny a couple minutes ago you had to ask if your wife would think you are a nerd. >> well, exactly. it's a question for her, yeah. who knows.
9:17 am
>> nerds are great. >> nerds rule. i think that's the way to go, absolutely. okay. so look at this one, you're going to love this one. it is what we're calling the beer foul ball, okay? this takes place during the carolina mud cats wild league. the ball goes off the roof and boom, into the guy's beer, just like that. hole in one. >> hole in one! >> he didn't spill a drop. >> that's impressive. he's looking for it. >> oh, look at that. it was literally -- >> that's crazy. watch this. watch this. oh! and boop! oh, i love that. that's impressive. that, my friends, is incredible. >> yes. yeah. amazing game. >> beer trick. what a great beer trick. >> that's why it is america's game. let's show you what is happening for your weather. we've got this storm system that's coming out of the plains that's going to cause a lot of wet weather over the next 24 hours to 48 hours. but then it gets along the midatlantic coast. and we are talking a mother's
9:18 am
day soaker for the midatlantic, the northeast and into new england. by sunday, it will be okay in the midatlantic, but the northeast and new england is going to be very wet and very, very good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be mostly cloudy throughout the morning. in san francisco, expect a high of 62 degrees with some peeks of sunshine. and by tomorrow, the winds pick up. we will have some high wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles an hour and still breezey on saturday as our temperatures come down to the 50s. on mother's day, few clouds but still cool in the 60s with a chance of rain in the forecast starting next tuesday. coming up next, she's the host of j-lo's new show "world of dance." jenna dewan tatum is going to hit the floor with a dance hit the floor with a dance
9:19 am
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9:22 am
jenna dewan tatum is an amazing dancer who is hosting the new show called "the world of dance. "first, she's agreed to play host and play "bust a movie." we don't know what this is. >> here's how it works. she shows us a freeze frame from an iconic scene in a movie. we have to buzz in and bust a move from that film. oh, goodie. >> jenna, you ready to start us off? >> i'm so ready. are you ready? >> yes, but no. you can help us. >> okay. so this first film came out in 1994 and was full -- what? already? >> we saw that. >> what do you see? >> you have to wait and see -- right. it was full of twists. >> okay, so it is "pulp fiction." >> you have to do the iconic move. >> come on, john travolta.
9:23 am
>> that's it! that's it! >> all right, nice job. okay. starting us off good. starting us off good. this is it. that was it. okay, good job. okay, yes. the next movie is from -- >> "dirty dancing." >> who won that? >> you did. >> you need to try to lift me. >> she needs help with this one. >> you have to pick her up. >> i don't know if you can lift me up. >> nice! >> that's it. all right. >> he would drop me on that. >> that was the iconic move. that's a very hard lift, too. >> now we'll go back to 1978 for a film, not afraid to jive. >> "grease." ♪ you're the one that i want
9:24 am
>> i'll take it. that was good. that was good. okay. so you can tell this 1977 film by the way it uses its walk. >> "saturday night fever." >> very impressive. >> you have to do the move. >> we have time for one more. >> one more. this next movie came out in 1983. it wasn't afraid to take some chances. >> "risky business." >> take off your clothes. >> i'm not taking my pants off. >> take off your clothes! >> that was good. i wanted the -- >> thank you so much. stick around to give us a sneak peek of "world of dance." plus, we make one
9:25 am
hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
9:26 am
♪i )m ... ==topvo== arson investigators are looking into two suspicious good thursday morning. 9:26, i'm sam brock. we continue to follow a spate of car fires. the latest now overnight, two more of them. arson investigators looking into the suspicious car fires in the east bay overnight. this is just two in a string of car fires in kcontra costa county. they were reported roughly within eight minutes of each other, and again, that same hallmark fire signature there of a car in a driveway. it's not clear if the fires were intentionally set or not, we don't know if there is a link with three other driveway car fires that happened this week in martinez, lafayette and wolf
9:27 am
creek. a brand new terminal expansion starts today. it will add a few more entry gates to that facility that sits right next to the ferry building. it will also include new weather protective canopies. that projects starts at $8 million and is scheduled for groundbreaki groundbreaking june 15. plenty of water stops, towels and snacks for the bicycle racers. will our weather cooperate? we'll have that after the break. wx
9:28 am
weather toss to traffic good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still see a lot of clouds around bait arthe bay area and n francisco. expect some peeks of sunshine and a high of 66 degrees. even cooler tomorrow with gusty winds, highs in the upper 50s and that leads into the weekend with more of the same weather.
9:29 am
mother's day is looking nice and cool with some sunshine and 61 degrees. for the inland area, 72 degrees today. also windy tomorrow with gusts reaching 30 miles an hour. let's check in with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> well, kari, we have a light volume of traffic all morning. a typical flow as far as where you saw some slower drives. sticking around, though, we had a crash reported somewhere past air way right around tancahara. a little distraction there. a smooth drive on your approach from the east bay. also the traffic flows southbound through fremont, a little slowing toward piedmont and a slight wind. we'll be back in half an hour.
9:30 am
we're celebrating all the wonderful moms in our lives this sunday, but today we're honoring one amazing woman who has shown remarkable strength through loss. >> her name is cindy neff and dedicated her life to raising two wonderful daughters and helping others. >> when her sister julie wrote in to tell us all about her, we wanted to give cindy a special surprise. cindy neff is a warrior mom. >> my mom is totally amazing. >> she's our number one supporter with anything we do. >> my sister is selfless. she doesn't know the phrases "i can't" or "i'm too busy."
9:31 am
>> and busy she is, she's a stay-at-home mom but she's rarely home. >> i am told it's amazing that i dedicated my life to help other people. i feel like that is just what it meant to do. >> the best job is being a mom to her two daughters, 18-year-old erin, and 13-year-old casey, which has been more important over the past eight months after their dad, ken, passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack last september. >> ken was amazing. i was very fortunate to have married such a great guy. he was a great dad, a great provider. >> there's no words to even describe him other than the man. >> one of my favorite moments with my dad would probably be around christmas having wrapping paper wars. and every time he would hit somebody he would laugh. >> it's within these memories that ken has held close in the lives of his loved ones. >> we try to keep him in every conversation we can knowing
9:32 am
their dad is there watching out for them. >> for softball gamegames, he's the one to tell me to go above and beyond for those things. and knowing he's not there for those -- >> one of my struggles has definitely him not being there to see me graduate. that's definitely one of the hardest things that's going to happen. >> the neff family is no stranger to hardships. cindy's youngest daughter battled blastoma when she was 9 months old. >> i'll never forget the first night we spent in the hospital. it was not real. she went through chemo, radiation, antibiotic treatments, there were a lot of moms that lost their children in that hospital. but casey survived. >> now cindy and her daughters are survivors once again. >> if i would just stay in bed, cover my head, like i have felt many mornings to do, that is probably what my girls would do, too. because they loved him as much as i did.
9:33 am
i had to put both my feet on the ground and get out of bed. >> because of the difficulties she's faced, taking care of her home is less of a priority. and with mother's day just a couple days away, that is the perfect way to honor cindy. >> you have to look outside. come on. >> oh! thank you, guys. >> but the surprises were just getting started. >> surprise! >> oh, my gosh! and it's a cool color, too. it's not white. >> maytag heard cindy's story and wanted to make her dream kitchen a reality. and with a brand new full stainless steel kitchen suite. >> thank you, guys, so much. this -- i mean, it's so nice to have friends and neighbors and
9:34 am
family to share this with. thank you. >> but with every hug and every smile, ken ea's legacy and spir lives on. >> i just want him to be happy with my choices. and i think he is. and i know he's proud of his girls. i know he is. >> he absolutely is. all right. >> fantastic. >> happy mother's day to cindy and all the wonderful moms out there. coming up next, you can see what we can do on the dance floor and it is not impressive. we'll show you some folks who know what they're doing on the new show "world of dance." the host jenna
9:35 am
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9:38 am
the citi double cash card. double means double. and that is right outside in rockefeller center. a monumental 45-foot sculpture but jeff coons. >> speaking of ballerina, she was discovered by a dance agent and went on to share a stage with superstars like janet jackson and ricky martin. >> now ark tress, mother and wife to magic mike, aka, channing tatum, is going back to her dance roots as host of nbc's new dance competition "world of dance." take a look.
9:39 am
>> did you ever think you would be at this level of competition? >> no, this is a dream come true. >> this is it. do the best job ever. it's your turn to shine. ♪ >> honestly, you're a very special little girl. >> thank you. >> now i'm all emotional over here, too. and meeting your idol? look at this kiss. it's a beautiful jennifer kiss. >> this is a dream come true. >> how special. >> jenna dewan tatum, good morning. >> good morning. thanks, guys. i was younger, i was 5 when i started dancing. i was 5 or 6. but that's why i love the show. i relate so much with the dancers. i was a competition kid. i was traveling around the country doing all of that. and at that young of an age, so i know, not for a million dollars, not on nbc every week,
9:40 am
but still, like, i know what they're going through. so it was fun to do. >> so when you were working with these kids, or all of the contestants, do you give advice from your own career to them? how do you put yourself into it? >> what was so great about this job is they really wanted that mentor/host. they really wanted that combination from me. that was really exciting. and i got to work with them backstage and give them my advice. it was more like be a part of the journey. i would give them little bits and hints and tips to give a performance that i know would make the judges get on their feet. but you have to let them be them and show what they can up there. but these kids are incredible. like, amazing. we're starting with like the most incredible talent from episode one. so you are like, how does this getter? and it really does every week. for me, i am like, where are these people coming from? some of them we know, which is interesting. a lot have their own shows in vegas and be up against a 14-year-old girl like diana who just blows them away. it's exciting, really cool. >> incredible.
9:41 am
now, dancing is such a part of your history and life. you met your husband on the set of a dance movie? >> yes, "step up." >> which you turned into a tv show, which i might add. >> it is, i know. >> we would like to add. >> it's a trichlt we'p. we're casting for "dance up" as a tv show. look at that, we are babies. >> do you at home bust out dance moves? >> people want us to be like, yes, we dance all day. what we do, because our daughter, we have music on and spontaneous dance parties a lot. >> you do? >> but i wouldn't say -- >> how old is your daughter now? >> she'll be 4 in a month. >> so i just saw jenna at her husband's, and your part of it, too, magic mike live in vegas. >> yes. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> it's so fun, though, right? >> the show is fun. >> the show is awesome. you have a daughter close to my age and just put her in ballet classes, too? >> i did. at first she was like, i don't want to do it and i was
9:42 am
conscious not to be a dance mom. i was like, i'm not going to push you, i really want you to and one day she was like, i want to go. and i'm throwing it all in the bag and was like, go, go, go! all the moms try to talk to me, i'm like, shh, filming. but it was so cute. she's into it. >> well, just really quickly, there are other dance shows, what makes this one different? >> you know, i think that, what i love the most is that, well, one, there's a million-dollar prize. you have never seen that. and i kept joking and was like, can i enter the competition? i was like, i've danced, i would like a million dollars. that's an incredible prize for any dancer. >> fantastic. >> because they don't get compensated like that, for one. and we are going all over the world, so we have people from colombia and norway all coming to the stage. and we start episode one with the best of the best. so it's fun, really fun. >> we can't wait to see it, jenna, thank you so much. "world of dance" premiers
9:43 am
tuesday, may 30th, at 10:00/9:00 here on nbc. now al has a check of the weather. can you dance it? >> i can, but nobody wants to see that. >> let's see it. let's see it! > there is from will smith's "pitch." that's all you do. matt lauer will tell you, this is all you do. this is what you do. see? that's what matt does. there you go. okay. so we start off with saturday, it's going to be a mess in the midatlantic states and the northeast and even down to the southeast with wet weather. we have gorgeous sunshine from the plains down to texas. warmer than usual temperatures. then we are looking at a few showers in the pacific northwest. and then sunday, sunday! mother's day, we're looking for rain and wind in northeast new england. great day down through the southeast. beautiful in the upper ohio and mississippi river valleys down into the plains. still cool and
9:44 am
good morning. we have some cloudy skies over the south bay, over the whole bay area as of right now. we will get some clearing for the afternoon, but right now as you head out, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, even some low 60s. san jose at 61 degrees and heading into the low 70s today. 70 in palo alto, also 70 for concord. most of the bay area will be in the mid to upper 60s. only 62 degrees today in san francisco. breezy winds and we'll have a slight chance of wind today in the north bay. you know him as gabe from "the office" and a mother of other roles. zach woods, one of the stars in the very funny silicone valley. we'll talk to zach about that. plus a
9:45 am
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and helps keep acid down for hours. come. explore a place where you can fly on the back of a banshee. walk under floating mountains. and navigate a mystical river. welcome to a world - beyond belief. pandora - the world of avatar. only at the walt disney world resort. zach woods is an actor and comedian. owe probably know him best from his roles on "the office" and
9:49 am
"veep," which people love. now he's playing a young developer caught up in the high-tech gold rush of silicon valley. take a look. >> i was right all along. i was right -- can i just, can i try something? >> yeah. >> whoo! >> okay. whoo! >> whoo! >> whoo! whoo! whoo >> zach woods, good morning. >> good morning. >> zach, can you do one of the yells for us? >> whoo! it is always the rage just lingering right below the surface. >> that's what i feel with your character. he's this motherly kind of can go off at any second, but did you feel like that sometimes in your real life that you've got this -- >> that i'm like a maternal presence? well, when we first started shooting the show the first season, t.j. miller came into my
9:50 am
trailer once, and i was seated on a yoga mat with lightly scented candles all around. i was reading a lavender journal of affirmations and listening to the gogo girls. and he was like, that's your character. >> is that the indigo girls? >> this is a good one. this is "galileo" which has a lot of heart and pain in there. >> it's not as good as "closer to find" but it is -- >> oh, kindred spirit. >> it is almost mother's day here, and you base this character, i understand, on somebody very close to you? >> yeah, my mom. >> hey, incredible! look at that! >> my mom does not scream like that unless -- unless she's been horribly provoked. but yeah, i try to -- any time i improvise, i try to think of things my mom would like. so i make a lot of jane references.
9:51 am
>> how does she feel about that? >> mixed feelings, mostly positive. >> does zach take off your mother? >> no, my mom is a big -- who knows, i guess it is possible, but i have never witnessed it. >> it's a little ironic because your character is not -- your character is in silicon valley, but you yourself do not like social media. >> no, i'm frightened of it. >> how come? >> the internet is a harrowing chasm of cruelty. no, no, i think the internet is great for a lot of people, but i like to say i'm such a delicate flower that any kind of -- even the most southerly critical thing and i will wilt. so i steer clear. >> you wilt with the indigo girls just singing you a lullaby good night. >> exactly. >> we have a camera set up, an iphone, would you like to try your first snap. >> this is what we call snapchat. >> this is a selfie on snapchat. >> okay, here we go.
9:52 am
>> is this a moving picture or a lithograph? >> it's a silent movie. >> no, it's okay. here we go, ready? . this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good afternoon from a rainy washington, d.c., where i just completed an exclusive interview with president trump. where he offered his first detailed explanation of his sudden firing of fbi director james comey, one of several significant comments if coming from that interview, the president telling me he had ke decided to fire comey before he met with attorney general sessions and his deputy ron rosenstein, differing from the version of events provided yesterday at the white house. the president describing his contacts with comey in which trump acknowledged he reached out to fbi director where he asked if he was under investigation with regard to russian influence.
9:53 am
but the president started with some pretty sharp words about comey himself. >> look, he's a grandstander, a showboat. the fbi has been in turmoil. you know that. i know that. everybody knows that. you take a look at the fbi a year ago. it was in virtual turmoil. less than a year ago. it hasn't recovered from that. >> monday you met with the deputy attorney general rob rosenstein. >> right. >> did you ask for a recommendation? >> what i did is i was going to fire comey. my decision. it was not -- >> you had made the decision before they came in the room. >> i was going to fire comey. there's no good time to do it, by the way. >> in your letter you said i accepted their recommendation. >> oh, ifg going to fire regardless of recommendation. he made a recommendation. he's highly respected. very good guy. very smart guy. the democrats like him. the republicans like him. he made a recommendation, but
9:54 am
regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey. >> let me ask you about your termination letter to mr. comey. you write, i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation. why did you put that in there? >> he told me that. >> he told you with regard to the russian investigation? >> i heard from that from others. >> phone call? did you meet face-to-face? >> i had dinner with him. we had dinner because he wanted to stay on. >> he asked for the dinner? >> that dinner was arranged. i think he asked for the dinner. he wanted to stay on as the fbi head and i said i'll consider it, we'll see what happens, but we had a very nice dinner and at that time he told me you are not under investigation, which i knew anyway. >> that was one meeting. what were the other two? >> first of all, when you're under investigation you're giving all sorts of document and everything. i knew i wasn't under. and i heard it was stated at the committee, some committee level that i wasn't. >> so that didn't come directly from him. >> then during a phone call he said id and then during another
9:55 am
phone call he said it. so he said it once at dinner and twice during phone call ps. >>s. >> did you call snim. >> in one case yes. >> you asked him if you're investigation? >> i said if it's possible, will you let me know, am i under investigation? he said you are not under investigation. >> but he's given sworn testimony that there is an ongoing investigation into the trump campaign and possible collusion with the russian government. you were the center piece of the trump campaign. so -- >> i know that i'm not under investigation. me. personally. i'm not talking about campaigns. i'm not talking about anything else. i'm not under investigation. >> part of my conversation with the president just a short time ago at the white house. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is in our washington bureau. pete, with regard to those statements that the made a call and asked if he was under investigation, does that potentially cross lines? >> i've asked several former federal prosecutors about that
9:56 am
and they all said no. it's unusual, unethical, wouldn't be illegal. i said what about the president asking the fbi director am i under investigation and they said that might be politically dumb but it's not anything that violates any sort of judicial canon, no, lester. >> for comey to initiate the conversation, the same thing applies? >> right. and as for this idea that he's not under investigation, senator charles grassley implied that jim comey told him and senator fieinstein in march that trump was not under investigation today as well. >> chuck todd, nbc news mold ray or the of "meet the press," also in our washington bureau. your initial thoughts about that portion of the conversation. >> well, look, the president himself said he separated himself from the campaign. and frankly, it wouldn't be unusual if you're investigating a campaign, you wouldn't necessarily be investigating the
9:57 am
candidate for that campaign. it has always been about his associates. there hasn't been as much about any sort of role that the president himself as a candidate plarnt play may or may not have played. i think that's one of those washington questions. is he under investigation. it doesn't mean he's off the hook because the campaign is at the center of this investigation. >> halle jackson, chief white house correspondent. president said he made up his mind to fire comey before he met with a.g. and the deputy a.g. how does that gibe with what we heard in yesterday's white house briefing? >> it ratzs serious questions about what the white house has said over the last 36 to 48 hours, lester. if it is the case the president had made up his mind already to fire james comey, then why did
9:58 am
he ask rob rosenstein, deputy attorney general, to put that -- which was in writing? why did the press secretary sean spicer in his statement tuesday night say the president acted based to be clear recommendations from rosenstein and sessions. when the president calls comey a grand stander and showboat, the president said he had confidence in his fbi director and that assertion was repeated last week. >> chuck, what does this do on the senate side of this investigation? is this spurring them on in a new and different way? >> i think it will because i think what was rod rosenstein asked to do. as we know right now, he's on capitol hill, meeting with the heads of the senate intelligence committee, who excused themselves from another hearing in order to have this meeting here. i think there's going to be a lot for questions that congress is going to have about who asked him to write this memo, did he have any help writing this memo. senator feinstein, for instance, very concerned that the memo
9:59 am
lacked legal justification and seemed to be filled frankly with more political spin than anything else. so i think this becomes a new part, new angle that will congress will explore. >> chuck todd in our washington newsroom. thank you for your analysis. you can see much more tonight of my exclusive interview with president trump on "nbc nightly news" including his response as to why it took 18 days to fire general michael flynn after he was notified that the national security adviser might be compromised by the russians. and of course we'll have full coverage throughout the day on msnbc and on i'm lester holt, nbc news, washington. good day, everyone.
10:00 am
it's thirsty thursday, may 11th. we're so happy you're with us today. >> this is litt >> i like you with leather. >> everyone has an opinion. >> where does it rank? are people in favor of curly, wavy or straight? >> i think people like you to mix it up. >> i think we do should put three pictures of your hair,


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